TrimPro Automatik Trimmer

TrimPro Automatik Trimmer

The 2011 TrimPro Auotmatik is a much more versatile bud trimmer than the previous model.  The new model comes equipped with a much needed dimmer control for the motor, which gives you complete control over the speed of the blades and how your product moves through the trimmer.  Earlier models of the TrimPro Automatiks had one speed, TURBO!  It looked like you where dropping your medicine into a fuckin tornado. The first time I used one my heart sank watching the TrimPro Automatik tornado destroy such hard work.  The end results however, were not nearly as bad as I imagined they would be.

The TrimPro Automatik not only looks the TrimPro XL’s little brother, but now with the dimmer, it actually works like the XL model.  Side by side the TrimPro Automatik is about 1/3 the size of the TrimPro XL and priced accordingly.

We recently used some new Trimpro Automatik’s for four non stop days in Durango CO.  We found that running it at 60-70% of total power worked perfect for our needs and at these speeds the Automatik barely made a noise.

Ideally you will want 3 people:  One person to cut the medicinal buds from the plant and cut off the fan leaves.  A second person to run the TrimPro Automatik feeding the buds into the trimmer and removing them. Then a third person to clean up any areas that were not trimmed as close as you would like.  Three people in one day can trim about as much medicine as it would take 20 hand trimmers.

You can veiw a video of the Trimpro Automatik in action here.

Here is the general info on the Trimpro Automatik from the companies website.

Equipped with a powerful three phase motor mated with a variable speed dimmer, height adjustable four (4) blades assembly and a circular hermetic structure that creates a whirlwind effect, the Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants.

For trimming, separate the fresh flowers from the branches, put them into the upper container of the trimmer and let the Trimpro Automatik do the rest.


Mounted machine: 18″ x 24,5″ x 41″
Packaging: 21,5″ x 21,5″ x 24,5″

Approximated Weight: 75 lbs

Frame: Aluminium
Grate: Steel

Trimpro Automatik grate (Standard): (1/4″)

Trimpro Automatik Sale

Trimpro Automatik Sale (Extra 5% off min pricing plus Free Shipping & Free Drying Rack)


The Spin Pro Trimmer

The Spin Pro Trimmer

The Spin Pro Trimmer

We know several local gardeners that use a Spin Pro Trimmer and it’s a pretty descent little trimmer.  The Spin Pro is a manual trimmer that has a hand crank on the lid and is designed for small to medium size indoor gardens. The Spin Pro is manufactured in Canada by Crystal Mountain Products who also sell an optional electric motor that attaches to the Spin Pro automating the trimming process.  The Spin Pro uses rubber fingers similar to the Trim Reaper and TrimPro Rotor, to roll your flowers around a stainless steel grate. The blades are positioned underneath the grate and trim off unwanted leaves that fall into the bottom of the Spin Pro’s base.  Every revolution you make with the handle actually turns the blades 20 revolutions making it a pretty efficient trimmer.

The Spin Pro is made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and all of the rubber fingers are made from food grade rubber.  It is easy to clean with some rubbing alcohol.  There are some China knock offs of the Spin Pro that you can find on Ebay that have a see through lid. The see through lid is a good idea because you want to be able to view the progress of the trimming but the downfall to these knock offs is that the clear lids quickly become covered in resin making it impossible to see through and even harder to clean.  The Stainless lid on the Spin Pro is easy to clean with alcohol but if you use alcohol to clean the see through lid of the knock off you will never see through it again.

If you purchase the Spin Pro you might as well buy some replacement blades. The blades are made from a high grade stainless steel wires but they cannot be sharpened. Replacement blades are inexpensive (23 blades for $20.00) so go ahead and buy them with your purchase.

The drawbacks to the Spin Pro is that the amount of product that can be trimmed at one time is limited by the small size of the Spin Pro.  The grate on the Spin Pro has fairly large slots making it great for close trimming but every now and then it will catch the edge of your flowers and rip the tip off.  This is actually pretty common with all automated trimmers but usually the amount of flowers that are clipped off is negligible.

The Spin Pro has a price tag of $699.00 but if you search the internet you can find them priced for less. You can purchase a Spin Pro here for $499.00 which includes free shipping.


TrimPro Rotor
TrimPro Rotor

We’ve tested several trimmers on the market that use the flexible fingers to roll the flowers over the grate like the Spin Pro , Trim Reaper, and the Trimpro Rotor and the Rotor was hands down the best trimmer. Each of these trimmers did an acceptable job trimming but the Rotor has a few design features that seperates it from the pack.

The key to the Rotor’s effeciency is the tilted design. The Rotor is designed so the blade, grate and motor sits at a slight angle which makes unloading and reloading the Rotor with product an extremely effecient process. You can easily trim a couple handfuls of prepped flowers every 90 seconds. Simply open the door on the side of the Rotor and your perfectly trimmed buds gently roll out into your collection bucket.  Shut the door and add more flowers, you never have to stop the the motor.  The Rotor was designed to be  gentle with your flowers but the ingenious tilted design still allows for the capacity of trimming medium and even large volume yields.  I think four TrimPro Rotors could handle more volume than a Trimpro XL at a fraction of the price of the XL model. Sorry Trimpro if you are reading this.

The Trimpro Rotor comes with two types of fingers (leather and rubber) that circulate your flowers over a non-stick grate.  Another feature that set the Rotor apart was it’s tempered steel blade.  This is a serious blade that is razor sharp and can easily be sharpened for years of efficient trimming. The blade can also be adjusted to different heights so you can fine tune your trimming length. We found the factory set height worked perfect.

You can view a video of the TrimPro Rotor in action here.  The video shows the Rotor with the optional workstation which is made from aluminum and bag that snaps into the stand. The stand raises your Rotor off the ground to a comftorable height, saving your back during those long trimming days.  You can read a pretty good review between the Trim Reaper and Trimpro rotor here.

Prepping flowers:
With all trimming machines you must trim your plants immedietly after cutting them down.   You will want to trim off the large fan leaves and cut the buds off from the main branch.  The Rotor will do the rest.  Pour your fresh flowers into the top of the Rotor and give it 60 to 90 seconds.

Cleaning your Rotor’s Grate:
The Rotor comes with a non stick  steel grate that has 1/4″ slots. To clean the resin off your grate simply use a plastic scraper to remove the resin build up and then use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to finish the cleaning.

You can find the TrimPro Rotor online priced between $1435.00 to $1595.00

Which Medicinal Marijuana Trimmer to Buy?

Trimming is a time consuming process that no commercial grower looks forward to.  With such a wide variety of trimmers on the market how do you choose the best leaf trimmer for your garden?   Harvest after harvest we have tested virtually every trimmer on the market and we have found some trimmers are worth their weight in gold, while others…..not so much.

We offer unbiased reviews on medicinal marijuana trimmers in regards to:  ease of use, price verses features, quality of trim, and how much product you can trim per hour.  Thanks for reading.

Happy Trimming